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Windows 2000 unknown 01.01.1970
Windows XP 03.02.2010
Windows XP x64 11.09.2009
Windows Server 2003 x64 11.25.2009
Windows Vista 03.02.2010
Windows Vista x64 03.02.2010
Windows 7 10.11.2010
Windows 7 x64 10.11.2010

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NETGEAR WNA1100 Wireless-N 150 USB Adapter driver will recognise your device and will install it for your operating system, providing good functionality of the device, additional features and optimum performance for your business, office or home use. This driver has compatibility with numerous operating systems.

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guest(beginner) 4 years ago 
Godawful product. I'm also using Windows 7 64-bit and it works in 30-second spurts. Very frustrating since I usually rely on Google searches to solve my tech problems...
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